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The SNI - Schranner Negotiation Institute is the leading consulting firm when it comes to support difficult negotiations worldwide.

We provide clarity and stability in critical moments.

Numerous “Fortune 500” companies are supported by our Negotiation Scorecard®. We analyse power positions, internal and external relationship management and develop a stable and proven negotiation process. We train all managers involved to become professional negotiators and we implement new strategies in the enterprise.

In collaboration with our clients we install a crisis plan and lead the negotiation strategically to overcome any deadlock.

Matthias Schranner | Consulting
"A deadlock ​plays an important role during a negotiation – one should not try to avoid it by all means. We support you during the most difficult phases with our ​well-tried strategies.

Matthias Schranner, CEO

Our expertise begins where your opponent says “no”. We are convinced that with a strategic and tactical procedure, we can master even seemingly hopeless situations. 

We support you in building and implementing the negotiation process as we focus on leading and assisting your negotiation team.

The more difficult the negotiation, the simpler the instructions must be. The consistent implementation guarantees a high level of safety and security for the negotiation team.

Both a strategic and a tactic preparation as well as a clear role assignment within the negotiation team are essential steps for a successful negotiation. Get more information about our instrument of steering difficult negotiations.

One of our core competencies is to select and assemble professional negotiation teams. We do this by implementing the team structure described in the FBI model. 

We analyse power positions, internal and external relationship structures and uncover their "hidden agenda". Together we focus on a strategic stakeholder management to protect secret information.

Please understand that we do not divulge any details on our procedure and references on our projects. We treat all assignments and activities relating to our clients as strictly confidential.

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If you would like to benefit from our expertise, please send an E-Mail to, or contact us directly by telephone: +41 / 44 / 515 46 19.

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