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From a first analytical discussion to the implementation of the strategy, we will focus on you while always staying within the framework of our tested and proven system:

  • We divide the negotiation process into individual phases and provide you with a guideline for each phase. This guideline always gives you safety and security, even when the negotiation enters its most difficult phase.
  • Every responsible participant in the negotiation process receives his or her individual play-book with concrete instructions.
  • Role play will help us prepare the negotiation team, and we also practice certain tactics prior to every negotiation.
  • We secure the negotiation internally and prevent "friendly fire".
  • In collaboration with you we will also secure the negotiation externally and prepare the required PR activity.
  • We assess all milestones holistically and remain "on board" until the objective has been reached.

We are not visible from the outside. Our core competence lies in supporting difficult negotiations. We are neither mediators nor agents—we are experts for tough negotiations. 

Implementing Schranner Negotiation Scorecard – SNSC®

Initial Response

  • 24/7 response
  • Initialize immediate actions
  • Setup negotiation team

Negotiation Phase

  • Execute negotiation playbook
  • Regular negotiation team briefings
  • Ensure strategic & tactical alignment

De-Briefing Phase