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How we help clients

We provide clarity and stability in crucial moments to help you through your difficult negotiations. We set up a crisis plan and analyze power positions. We investigate internal and external relationship management, to design a negotiation process catered to your situation. We prepare all decision makers involved, and implement negotiation strategies within your company. With our expertise, you will save time and get the negotiation results you need.

  • 1Crisis Plan
  • 2Analysis of Internal Relationships and Responsibilities
  • 3Analysis of External Relationships and Responsibilities
  • 4Formulating Negotiation Goals in Compliance with your Corporate Values
  • 5Creating a Reliable Negotiation Process
  • 6Choosing your Negotiation Team
  • 7Training and Coaching all Leaders Involved in the Negotiation
  • 8Implementation of a new process of negotiation for future negotiations

Negotiation Consulting

7 Reasons

  • 1Unique expertise - acquired through successful resolution of the most difficult negotiations.
  • 2A faculty of leading experts - no theorists; all are professionals in their fields.
  • 3Our strategies and tactics are proven to be successful, and are refined with the specificities of your case in mind: operations, reputation, finances and government regulations.
  • 4Wide range of our know-how: business, politics, military, FBI.
  • 5We work globally, with headquarters in Zurich, and offices in New York City and Hong Kong.
  • 6We work with all industries which face difficult negotiations.
  • 7We are fast and available 24/7, worldwide.