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Negotiation Scorecard (SNSC®)

Difficult negotiations are characterised by a very high degree of complexity.

Both a strategic and tactic preparation as well as a clear assignment of roles within the negotiation team are essential steps for a successful negotiation. This requires a concept and a specific procedure. Our Negotiation Scorecard® (SNSC®) is the instrument to steer difficult negotiations and ensures that almost all elements and potential events within a negotiation process are aligned with the predefined negotiation goal and can be steered accordingly. For any specific negotiation case we will analyse and cover the following four perspectives:

1. Power Perspective

Our clients often underestimate their own negotiation power. Ahead of every negotiation you should analyse the strength of your own position.

2. Internal Perspective

Setting up your own team and involving top management are the first steps in the negotiation process. It is about avoiding “friendly fire”— the uncontrolled intervention on the part of company leaders.

3. External Perspective

Once the opposing party has been analyzed, the negotiation strategies, potential changes in strategy and the necessary tactics are developed.

4. Process Perspective 

Negotiations are usually conducted intuitively rather than strategically. An orderly process that includes strategy and tactic provides a guideline and the resulting security for the negotiation team.


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