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Former Colombia militant members are ready to go back to war despite the 2016 peace deal

Sep 27, 2019
The 2016 peace agreement between the Colombian government sought to formally end 52 years of killings which include a fatality over 260,000 people and forced 7 million from their homes, in a bitter conflict between militant members, and government forces. 

The Colombian government in an attempt to concede to the wishes of the militia, uncontested seats were given to ex-milita members, softer prison sentences, and specific protection committees were created. 

Implementation of the process has faced many complications, and in many rural areas, the peace it promised has failed to materialize. Citizens and ex-Farc members are not ecstatic with the current implementation of the peace agreement and are calling for a reform or total destruction of the accord. 

About 150 former Farc fighters have also been killed. Ex-combatants and critics of the government say Duque has not done enough to protect them.

The new Duque government focused on reforming the peace agreement to tailor towards citizens, cut funding to its transitional justice mechanism this year. Duque has long voiced skepticism of the peace agreement and has stated numerous times that the peace agreement does not protect the rights of Colombian citizens but instead the rights of ex-militia members. 

As the negotiations between both sides heats up specific focus needs to be done on communicating the benefit of working together to come to a solution is. In this case, ex- militia members are being killed and assaulted due to the anger and injustices felt by community members who lost their families. The peace agreement protects ex-militia and offers specific security committees set up to protect the rights of these ex-militia. This specific approach focuses on reaching a satisfactory agreement between both parties. The nation state of Colombia and the ex-militia have shown tremendous effort prior in wanting to negotiate an agreement they could both come to terms with. 

Things change but communicating the benefit to your negotiation partner will only lead to a successful negotiation of terms.