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Qualified Negotiator®

Do you want to win?
then master negotiations!

Negotiation is the game of reaching agreements with other people. The success of your career is a direct result of your success in negotiations.

“Don’t win against them. Win them for you.” The mantra of our Institute’s founder, Matthias Schranner, represents the DNA of our skill-building workshops. Our approach puts you in control. It is applicable to any tough negotiation you may face in business, politics, and beyond.

Schranner Negotiation Institute is an international consulting firm specialized in difficult negotiations. Our Institute was founded by a former hostage negotiator of the German Special Police Force; we know what it takes to keep your nerves, develop a strategy, and apply proven tactics in critical situations.

Our seminar is not for everybody. This is not an easy, feel-good course. This is an interactive, adrenaline-rich training for people who are serious about winning in negotiations. If this describes you, join us!

"I've become a powerful negotiator in a powerful team"

WHO Should attend?

You had a successful start to your career and professional development is important to you. With the Qualified Negotiator® certification course you will get the foundations to prepare difficult negotiation processes, to use the most important negotiation tactics, and to confidently reach your goals.

you will learn

  1. How to prepare difficult negotiations: define your goals, set the agenda, prepare the tactics
  2. Analyze and evaluate negotiation partners
  3. Stress management: how to use it to your advantage
  4. Procure and analyze the information you need
  5. Set up a powerful negotiation team following the FBI model
  6. Control your emotions and resist attacks
  7. Make the best out of deadlocks
  8. Take the lead by asking the right questions, apply trigger words and pauses
  9. Close the deal


You learn the most important negotiation tactics and create a basis to negotiate professionally – even under pressure. You fulfill the requirement to implement your next career steps consistently and successfully.


  • The phases of a negotiation
  • The limits of the Harvard concept
  • Tough negotiations vs win-win
  • Expectation management
  • Preparation checklist
  • Prioritizing demands
  • Negotiation tactics
  • Team setup
  • Agenda setting
  • Do’s & don'ts in negotiations
  • Personalities of negotiators
  • Verbal assaults
  • Learning from professional negotiators
  • Transfer into practice

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Klaus Lassert

Klaus Lassert

Dr. Klaus Lassert has a master’s degree in psychology and serves as a leadership consultant in difficult negotiations. He is highly valued in the business community for his knowledge of international negotiation processes.

"The seminar is an eye-opener. The interesting case studies gave me a new perspective on both past and future negotiations."
Carsten Linnemann | Foundation Life Science Consulting & Holding B.V.

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  •  Start
    12/5/20179:00 AM
    12/5/20175:00 PM
  •  Location
    Park Hyatt Hotel, New York City
    153 West 57th Street
    US – 10019 New York City, NY
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