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Qualified Negotiator Plus


Once you are certified as a Qualified Negotiator®, you have the necessary skills to prepare difficult negotiations, to employ the most important negotiation tactics, and to confidently manage verbal assaults.

With Qualified Negotiator® PLUS, we are offering an extra module that helps you direct the focus on the application of tactics and on a stable discourse from the driver’s seat.



> To lead from the “driver’s seat”

> To apply tactics in realistic role play

> To coordinate between Commander and Negotiator

> To brief and de-brief



> Briefing and de-briefing

> The element of interruption

> The most important tactics and their application

> Analysis of your negotiation partner

> Questioning techniques—how to avoid open questions

> Coordination between Commander and Negotiator

> Stabilization of the negotiation partner

> The correct pace of speech

Andreas Gossen

Andreas Gossen

Andreas Goßen leads the global consultancy practice as Senior Vice President and is program lecturer of the Qualified Negotiator® program at the Schranner Negotiation Institute.

Andreas Goßen has studied business administration in Germany and USA. After starting his career at a global technology- and consulting company of the automotive industry he is presently supporting clients throughout the implementation of the Schranner Negotiation Scorecard (SNSC®) for difficult negotiations.

Moreover, Andreas Goßen is a regular guest lecturer for negotiations at academic institutions in Germany and Switzerland.



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