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Module 5: Listening

Many people confuse “letting someone finish” with “listening”. Listening means to truly register what has been said and identify what has not been said. Listening is more than just receiving information, it is THE essential step to analyze the opposing side.

Who should attend

Anyone facing difficult negotiations


  • Motivating the other side to talk
  • Refraining from asking questions
  • Reading between the lines
  • Analyzing your negotiating partner's motives



Richard Mullender

Richard Mullender

Is a former negotiator for Scotland Yard and trainer of negotiation specialists at the UN, Scotland Yard, FBI, and Scorpions (South Africa).

He negotiated on behalf of the British government with the Taliban and in international crises.

Richard Mullender says that the success of a negotiation depends primarily on the ability to listen. In negotiations, one must not ask questions, but one should stimulate the information flow from the other side. Professional listening is more than just listening, it is the reading between the lines. It is important to pay attention to the things that are left unsaid.

"Richard Mullender was excellent! This seminar should be mandatory, especially for executives!"
Dr. Hendrik G. Seliger
Richard Mullender: Communication Secrets of a Hostage Negotiator | Dispelling the Myths and Rediscovering the Art of Listening
Richard Mullender

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  •  Start
    9/18/20199:00 AM
    9/18/20195:00 PM
  •  Location
    The Charles Hotel Munich
    Sophienstrasse 28
    DE – 80333 Munich
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