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Negotiations on the Edge (EN)
Element 2: Strategy & Tactics

This seminar allows you to deepen your knowledge from “Negotiations on the Edge – ELEMENT 1: The 7 Principles” and to combine it with case studies. In the seminar, we will discuss and analyze real life negotiation cases, which will then be re-enacted through role-play. An individual guideline will be developed for each negotiation. 


You will learn how to conduct negotiations strategically and tactically – even in difficult situations. You will receive a guideline for your negotiation and extensive support for its implementation.


  1. Goal definition for complex negotiations
  2. Strategy
  3. Power
  4. Relationships 
  5. Conducting the negotiation
  6. Deliberately creating deadlock
  7. Coaching

Who should attend?

Prerequisite for attending this training program is the participation in “Negotiations on the Edge – ELEMENT 1: The 7 Principles”. It is important that you prepare a difficult negotiation case. We would like to point out that you agree to abide by our confidentiality rules before you come to the training and will not disclose to third parties any content discussed during the training.


  • German Munich Vienna Zurich
  • English New York London Hong Kong Shanghai Singapore

We adjust out fees as of Jan 1st, 2021:
3,500 EUR 3,500 CHF (plus VAT)

Klaus Lassert

Klaus Lassert

Dr. Klaus Lassert is the Schranner Institute's Chief Psychologist. He supports managers in challenging negotiations and escalating conflicts. His profound psychological methodology as well as his knowledge on international/intercultural negotiations are valued by his clients.

"The seminar is an eye-opener. The interesting case studies gave me a new perspective on both past and future negotiations."
Carsten Linnemann | Foundation Life Science Consulting & Holding B.V.

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    5/8/20204:00 PM
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