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Gewerkschaft & Betriebsrat


Geschäftsführer, Führungskräfte und Verantwortliche der HR-Abteilung, Arbeitnehmervertreter, Gewerkschaftler und Betriebsräte. Alle, die mit Arbeitnehmer- und Arbeitgebervertretern verhandeln.


  • Die wichtigsten Verhaltensmuster zukünftiger Verhandlungen
  • Neue Strategien und Taktiken in aussichtslosen Situationen
  • Sofort umsetzbare Gesprächstechniken und Verhandlungsstrategien


Sie lernen die wichtigsten Verhandlungsstrategien und -taktiken für eine professionelle Verhandlungsführung zwischen Arbeitnehmer- und Arbeitgebervertretern


  • Wie Arbeitnehmervertreter und Arbeitgeber in Zukunft verhandeln sollten
  • Warum die Eskalation wichtig ist.
  • Warum in manchen Konflikten ein Streik nicht vermieden werden sollte.
  • Die Vorteile eines starken Betriebsrat.
  • Die richtige juristische Einschätzung auf den Verhandlungsprozess.
Claus Weselsky

Claus Weselsky

Claus Weselsky is the federal Chairman of the Society of German Locomotive Drivers (GDL). In the media he is described as a "lone fighter" and "hard negotiator".

Claus Weselsky has affected and partially paralyzed European traffic with days of strikes. He is controversial and celebrated, and he is certainly an interesting discussion partner for the negotiations of the future.

Matthias Schranner

Matthias Schranner

Negotiation expert Matthias Schranner has been trained by German police and the FBI for the most difficult negotiations. As a consultant, he supports the UN, global corporations, and political parties with his institute during difficult negotiations.

He is the author of the books “Negotiations on the Edge”, “The Negotiator” and “Costly Mistakes”, and has published numerous articles.

Matthias Schranner has advised corporate and government leaders  on negotiations in more than 40 countries, including the United States, Russia, Ukraine, China, Singapore und Japan.

He serves as adjunct Professor for negotiations at the St. Gallen University in Switzerland and Warwick/UK, and he is President of the SNI LLC New York.

Numerous Fortune 500 Companies use his proprietary Negotiation Scorecard® for negotiation support.

"At Microsoft Inspire Washington DC, you told great stories, provided valuable insights and information, and engaged and inspired your audience"

Microsoft Inspire 2017 | Speaker Excellence
Ron Huddleston, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corporation
“Engaging, relevant and thought provoking. Thank you!"
Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Orlando/USA
"Your speech is certainly eye-opening"
Mahmood N.Al-Yousif, Kingdom of Bahrain
"Schranner is a former police negotiator and a constitutional lawyer. He is a world-renowned negotiating expert, and one of the few in his business trained for extreme situations."


Stefan Schneider

Stefan Schneider

Stefan Schneider became an international HR leader at Mercedes Benz passenger automobiles after serving on the Daimler works council. As the lead negotiator he was responsible, among others, for the negotiations regarding the transfer of the Mercedes C-Class.

"Stefan Schneider talks about the motivations behind unions, as well as their power in negotiations. From his many years of negotiating with works councils and labor unions, on the employer’s side, he knows which tactics work, and which don’t."
Wolfgang Baumgaertner, Leoni AG

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    10/22/20209:00 AM
    10/22/20204:00 PM
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    The Charles Hotel Munich
    Sophienstrasse 28
    DE – 80333 Munich
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