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Qualified Negotiator Plus


Once you are certified as a Qualified Negotiator®, you have the necessary skills to prepare difficult negotiations, to employ the most important negotiation tactics, and to confidently manage verbal assaults.

With Qualified Negotiator® PLUS, we are offering an extra module that helps you direct the focus on the application of tactics in real life, and on a stable discourse from the driver seat.


  • To lead from the “driver seat”
  • To apply tactics in realistic role play
  • To coordinate between Commander and Negotiator
  • To brief and de-brief


  • Briefing and de-briefing
  • The element of interruption
  • The most important tactics and their application
  • Analysis of your negotiating partner
  • Questioning techniques—how to avoid open questions
  • Coordination between Commander and Negotiator
  • Stabilizing your negotiating partner
  • The right pace of speech


EUR 1.200CHF 1.200

Andreas Gossen

Andreas Gossen

As Senior Vice President of the Schranner Negotiation Institute, Andreas Goßen leads the global consultancy practice and is an instructor of the Qualified Negotiator® program.

Andreas studied business administration in Germany and the US. Having started his career at a global technology and consulting company in the automotive industry, his current role is to support clients throughout the implementation of the Schranner Negotiation Scorecard (SNSC®) for difficult negotiations.

Moreover, Andreas Goßen is a regular guest lecturer for negotiations at academic institutions in Germany and Switzerland.



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    3/18/20219:00 AM
    3/18/20215:00 PM
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    Villa Kennedy Frankfurt
    Kennedyallee 70
    DE – 60596 Frankfurt
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    • 1.200,- EUR (zzgl. MwSt.)
    • 1.200,- CHF (zzgl. MwSt.)
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