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We know that you are comfortable with 95% of your day-to-day negotiations, to which usual and sensible communication patterns apply. These types of negotiations will not be the topic of our seminars. Our seminar program will train you for the remaining 5%.


The first step towards leading difficult negotiations. In this course, we teach you the most important tactics of an operative negotiation such as how to prepare for, and initiate, a difficult negotiation.

Duration: 2 + 1 classroom instruction days

The path to becoming a negotiation professional. Learn how to take control of difficult negotiations with strategies and tactics for success through three modules.

Duration: 3 × 2 classroom instruction days

Get the specific negotiation skills you need by choosing four out of twenty specialized topic areas. With our Certified Negotiator modules, you can learn how to read and use body language or how to negotiate in different cultures, amongst other topics.

Duration: 4 × 1 classroom instruction days

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The Program for difficult Negotiations 2019

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