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Negotiations on the Edge

Who should attend?

The Advanced Negotiator certification will give you the tools to control difficult negotiation processes, to deliberately create deadlocks, and to strategically and tactically lead difficult negotiations. This certification is specifically designed for leaders, decision makers, and individuals involved in high stakes negotiations.

After the Advanced Negotiator certification you will be ready to join our exclusive Chief Negotiation Officer® program, which is designed to equip you with the strategic skills to implement the Schranner Method® across your entire organization.

You will learn

  • How to maintain control over desperate situations

  • How to stabilize yourself and your negotiating partner

  • How to deliberately create deadlocks

  • How to define a successful strategy

  • How to negotiate tactically and consistently to ensure success


You will be able to lead even the most difficult negotiations to success.



  • 6 days of presence-based classes (3 modules, 2 days each) 6 days
  • Online Coaching
  • Individual preparation and follow-up for the final test (estimated amount of time) 1 day
  • 3 refresher seminars 3 days

Element 1: THe 7 principles

Element 2: Strategy & Tactics

Element 3: Costly Mistakes

Element 4: Certification

Learning Model

Your path to becoming an Advanced Negotiator

The Advanced Negotiator certification consists of four modules, with modules 1-3 being presence modules and module 4 aimed at repetition and continuous consolidation through refresher courses.

Before attending the first module, you will take an online test so we can create your negotiator's profile. This profile forms the basis of your development guideline for difficult negotiations. It will provide you with a solid starting point for your learning and development goals.

In between modules, you will have the opportunity to analyze your strengths with the help of various online testing methods. Based on your test results, we will develop your individual negotiation guideline and fine-tune it during the in-person phases. Through coordinated learning partnerships, you will be able to build best-practice that you can apply straight away in any negotiation.

The individual modules will be taught interactively and include role plays based on real life examples, individual analyses and state-of-the-art learning techniques, to ensure high-yield learning before, during and after the Advanced Negotiator certification.

Together, we will ensure that the expertise we teach you can be applied successfully to your own negotiations. By attending this training, you will benefit from the results of years of research, and from our experience in advising clients globally in the most difficult negotiations.

Before you begin the Advanced Negotiator certification, we will ask you for your learning goals to make sure that all of your expectations and individual requirements will be met during the course.


  • ​Self assessment
  • ​Negotiation profile


  • Classroom phases
  • Testing procedures
  • Best-practice sharing


  • ​Success verification
  • ​Final examination
  • ​Evaluation

Advanced Negotiator®

Element 1

Negotiations on the Edge – The 7 Principles

2 days

You will learn the principles of difficult negotiations, as well as how to control yourself and your negotiating partner

Element 2

Negotiations on the Edge – Strategy & Tactics

2 days

You will deepen and consolidate the concepts learned in Element 1 by playing out real-life negotiations, including your own cases.

Element ​3

Negotiations on the Edge – Costly Mistakes

2 days

You will learn how to avoid the most costly mistakes in difficult negotiations and how to lead the most difficult negotiations to success.

Element 4

Negotiations on the Edge – Certification & Consoli­dation

4 days (examination: 1 day + refresher: 3 days)

With the certification you obtain proof that you know how to lead difficult negotiations professionally. You will review the course material, complete an exam, and be eligible to attend annual refresher courses that will guarantee the long-term optimization of your negotiation skills. Scheduling is flexible, and all of the content can be accessed online.


EUR 12,000 plus VAT (12,000 CHF)

included are...

  • Participation in all three elements (6 classroom instruction days)
  • Personal E-Learning Access with individual documents & tests
  • Support before, between, and after the seminars via the Virtual Negotiation Classroom (VNC)
  • Final examination including examination fees
  • Certificate
  • Refresher Seminar (3 days)

Additionally, you will become a member of our Alumni-Network. You will be regularly invited to attend exclusive events. You will be able to participate in our exclusive forums and become a part of a unique community.


Please register using our registration form:

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 Please note that it is also possible to book the elements individually (see below). 


Matthias Schranner (Mentoring in between the elements is provided by a negotiation expert of the Schranner Negotiation Institute).

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