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Certification Programs

Your MUST Seminar into the world of negotiating. You will aquire the most important capabilities to prepare difficult negotiations and to use the most important negotiation tactics

Duration: 2 presence-based days

Your path to becoming a certified professional negotiator. Learn in three successive modules to lead difficult negotiations strategically and tactically.

Duration: 3 × 2 presence-based days

Choose from a variety of modules offered by international experts, such as how to read and use body language or how to negotiate in different cultures. 

Duration: 4 presence-based days

Most companies are not prepared for a complete escalation within negotiations.

This program is designed for negotiation experts, selected to empower their company`s negotiation performance.  Implementing a CNO Office is an important add-on to your company`s organizational structure in order to achieve better negotiation results.

Duration: 3 presence-based days

In collaboration with the St. Gallen University we offer a course that covers all negotiation aspects. It goes from mediation and arbitration all the way to a tough conflict while always focusing on the challenges in global negotiations.

Only available in German

Duration: 23 presence-based days

SNI Certificate
SNI Certificates