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Certified Negotiator®


These seminars allow you to learn  all the skills necessary for leading difficult negotiations. Select "Take 4" and create your own program for your Certified Negotiator® Certification.

Who should attend

There are negotiation principles that you must know. You can learn these principles during the Qualified Negotiator® course for the negotiator role. The Advanced Negotiator® course shows you the rules, strategies, and tactics for a management role. In addition to these generally applicable principles and rules, you need the right tools for their implementation. These tools depend very much on your personality, your work environment, and your cultural environment. Our institute has conducted research for ten years. We have surveyed the participants in our seminars, accompanied the implementation in the companies, and analyzed all the data to create a set of Certified Negotiator® modules, which enable you to choose the exact tools you need to become a successful negotiator.

​Seven reasons for the Certified Negotiator®

  • Custom-tailored – choose only the topics you need to know more about
  •  Bookable as stand-alones or within a certification program
  • Use of state-of-the-art technology
  • Instructors with practical experience
  • International co-operations
  • Membership in the alumni network
  • Certification


Element 1 Analysing goals and expectations

Element 2 Participating in 4 modules

Element 3 Final exam

Element 4 Membership in the alumni network

Certified Negotiator®


4 presence-based days individal preparation and follow-up

Learning Model

your path to Certified Negotiator®

Before the first module, you will have the opportunity to send us your goals and expectations so that we can integrate them into our seminars. Several testing procedures during and in between the seminars support your individual learning successes. Expand your network to enable the sharing of best practices and to apply your knowledge in the difficult negotiations that lie ahead of you. The seminar modules are taught interactively. Realistic exercises and state-of-the-art learning technology ensure that you will gain thorough knowledge before, during, and after your Certified Negotiator® certification. Your personal e-learning access, with all your individual documentation (handouts, case studies), is your constant companion during the certification process.


  • Individual goals and expectations


  • Classroom instruction phases
  • Testing procedures
  • Best-Practice Sharing


  • Succes verification
  • ​Final examination
  • ​Evaluation

CERTIFIED Negotiator®


  • Analysis of your goals and expectations
  • Participation in four seminar modules
  • Final exam
  • Certification
  • Membership in the alumni network


6.500,– € plus VAT (6.500 CHF)


  • Participation in 4 days of your choice
  • Support before and between the seminars
  • Final examination, including examination fees

Certified Negotiator Program 2019

Certified Negotiator 2019


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