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N-Conference 2019 - New York - 3 Days

N-Conference 2019 - New York - 3 Days

Day 1 – Gala Dinner – NOVEMBER 13TH, 2019

Enjoy a gourmet 3-course meal highlighting the best seasonal, local ingredients with industry leaders and negotiation professionals, and learn from guest speaker Matthias Schranner as he will take questions from guests and sign books. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about negotiations in a beautiful, relaxed, private atmosphere.

Location: Park Avenue Autumn 

Day 2 – Academy Day – NOVEMBER 14TH, 2019

CEO and Founder, Matthias Schranner himself will be leading a comprehensive, 1-day-only Academy Day seminar. Learn tactical and strategic negotiation solutions to control difficult situations with the tried and tested Schranner Methodology. Mr. Schranner brings his 30 years of hostage negotiation experience into one unique opportunity to learn the premiere points of the Advanced Negotiations seminars and cutting edge negotiation research and analysis put forth by the Institute. Held at a 5 Star NYC hotel, this intimate opportunity to learn and discuss the nuances of negotiations with Matthias Schranner is a can’t miss opportunity.

Location: NYC 5 Star Hotel TBD

Day 3 – N Conference New York – NOVEMBER 15TH, 2019

The Schranner Negotiation Institute’s internationally acclaimed N-Conference will be coming for the first time ever to New York City in 2019. The annual conference, dedicated to knowledge exchange and education on cutting edge negotiation theory and practice, will be opening its doors this year to a roster of high profile speakers and panelists. Attendees will be engaged in workshops, debates, and unique speaker sessions. The event has historically welcomed industry giants, scholars, academics, thought leaders, and authors in the field of negotiations. Guest speakers have included politicians, celebrities, CEOs, and pioneers in their respective fields, each sharing with attendees their invaluable insights and experiences. The theme for this year's N-Conference is "Decision-Making Under Pressure, and will be headlined by Lt. Jack Cambria, 33 year veteran of the NYPD and the longest standing commander of the Hostage Negotiation Unit.

Location: Park Hyatt Hotel



Matthias Schranner

Matthias Schranner

Negotiation expert Matthias Schranner has been trained by German police and the FBI for the most difficult negotiations. As a consultant, he supports the UN, global corporations, and political parties with his institute during difficult negotiations.

He is the author of the books “Negotiations on the Edge”, “The Negotiator” and “Costly Mistakes”, and has published numerous articles.

Matthias Schranner has advised corporate and government leaders  on negotiations in more than 40 countries, including the United States, Russia, Ukraine, China, Singapore und Japan.

He serves as adjunct Professor for negotiations at the St. Gallen University in Switzerland and Warwick/UK, and he is President of the SNI LLC New York.

Numerous Fortune 500 Companies use his proprietary Negotiation Scorecard® for negotiation support.

"At Microsoft Inspire Washington DC, you told great stories, provided valuable insights and information, and engaged and inspired your audience"

Microsoft Inspire 2017 | Speaker Excellence
Ron Huddleston, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corporation
“Engaging, relevant and thought provoking. Thank you!"
Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Orlando/USA
"Your speech is certainly eye-opening"
Mahmood N.Al-Yousif, Kingdom of Bahrain
"Schranner is a former police negotiator and a constitutional lawyer. He is a world-renowned negotiating expert, and one of the few in his business trained for extreme situations."


Jack Cambria

Jack Cambria

Jack Cambria is a recently retired member of the New York City Police Department who has contributed 34 years of exemplary service. He has served for 16 years in the Emergency Service Unit (ESU), whose primary focus is to provide Rescue, SWAT, and Counter-Terrorism services to the City of New York. He was assigned to ESU in the ranks of Police Officer, Sergeant and Lieutenant. He has extensive experience and certifications in all facets of these operations, and is a New York State Certified Police Instructor. He holds numerous awards for bravery and dedicated service. He has responded to and served on many high profile assignments such as both World Trade Center disasters, plane crashes, and a variety of hostage and barricade situations, particularly violent and suicidal individuals. Because of his solid foundation of achievements, Jack was assigned to command the agency’s elite Hostage Negotiation Team. His duties consisted of coordinating the efforts of over 100 negotiators, who responded throughout New York City to all hostage related assignments. He was responsible for the training and certification of all new negotiators and refresher training of all of the current members of the team. Jack has conducted in-service training for many International, Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement agencies. In 2006, he and some select members of his team were dispatched to the U.S. Military Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to conduct hostage negotiation training for members of the United States Joint Task Force. He has also served as a technical consultant in the entertainment industry providing proper police policy and procedure on the major motion pictures television series. Jack was invited to serve on the National Police Foundation’s committee reviewing the Pulse Nightclub mass shooting incident in Orlando and is a contributing writer in the on-line published report. He currently teaches hostage negotiation, de-escalation strategies and active shooter presentations for law enforcement and corporate entities across the country and internationally. Jack has authored several scholarly articles on negotiations and gained his Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, where he also taught as an adjunct professor.

Dr. Beth Fisher-Yoshida

Dr. Beth Fisher-Yoshida

Dr. Beth Fisher-Yoshida is a facilitator, educator, mediator and executive coach, who partners with clients to develop initiatives that will strengthen their core negotiation skills and effectiveness. She is President and CEO of Fisher Yoshida International LLC, and clients have included global organizations in the Fortune 100, private sector, nonprofit and government sectors, military and security forces, communities, school districts and academic institutions. At Columbia University, Dr. Fisher-Yoshida serves as Academic Director and Faculty of the Master of Science in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution program, Vice-Chair of Faculty at the School of Professional Studies, and Co-Chair of the Advanced Consortium for Cooperation, Conflict and Complexity (AC4) at the Earth Institute. She serves on the Boards of the CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution (CMMI), Association for Conflict Resolution of Greater New York (ACRGNY), Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HDHS), and the International Advisory Board of Sunkhronos Institue.

Dr. Fisher-Yoshida takes a systemic approach to working on both simple and complex issues with multiple stakeholders pertaining to all phases of the negotiation process. She believes strongly that negotiation is about building relationships with others. Her focus within negotiation is the preparation process, women and negotiation, storytelling and narrative, and culture. She has more than 25 years experience in working with clients, students and workshop participants on negotiation, in the form of workshops, coaching and designing and implementing a complete negotiation preparation and feedback process within an organization. She has worked globally across a variety of industries including Asia and the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America, in finance, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, education, military and the arts.

Dr. Fisher-Yoshida has been working globally with the United Nations as an external consultant for more than 18 years, and more recently with WHO and UNICEF. She worked as faculty in the Eisenhower Leadership Development Program, a joint collaboration between West Point and Columbia University. Prior to that she was a Training Manager with McKinsey & Company, Japan, a management-consulting firm that focuses on working with top leadership and management on strategy.

She has published many articles, chapters, and has authored and edited books. Her main areas of expertise in consulting and writing involve negotiation, conflict resolution and collaborative processes, intercultural communication, transformative learning and Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM), which takes a communication perspective.

Dr. Fisher-Yoshida received her Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems and MA in Organization Development from Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, California. She graduated with honors when she received her MA from Columbia University. She received both a BA and a BS from Buffalo State College. Dr. Fisher-Yoshida is a Certified Clinical Sociologist (CCS). She speaks conversational Japanese and lived and worked in Japan for 13 years. 

 Dr. Nancy Zarse

Dr. Nancy Zarse

Dr Nancy Zarse is a forensic psychologist and full professor in the Forensic Department at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She is lead faculty for Violence & Risk Assessment, Psychology of Terrorism, Hostage Negotiation, Psychology of Law Enforcement, and the Evaluation & Treatment of the Adult Offender. Dr. Zarse developed a class on Israel, focusing on terrorism, trauma, and resilience; she has led the 14-week course, which culminates in a 10-day study abroad trip, for 8 years. Dr. Zarse is a member of the FBI’s TLOC (law enforcement counterterrorism). She was appointed Sector Chief of Academia for the FBI’s InfraGard (private sector counterterrorism). Dr. Zarse serves as consultant to the FBI’s Countering Violent Extremism section, with Secret Clearance. She is one of three experts on a team awarded a $190k grant, by the Department of Homeland Security, for Countering Violent Extremism.

Dr. Zarse has served as a forensic psychologist at several high-profile prisons. Previous positions include Chief Psychologist at two federal prisons, and the Director of Inmate Administration at the United States Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth, the maximum-security military prison. Her responsibilities included performing psychological evaluations, assessing risk of violence, providing individual and group therapy, leading hostage negotiation teams, providing staff training, and conducting violation hearings for maximum security military prisoners.

Dr. Zarse consults with and provides training to law enforcement agencies, like the FBI, Chicago Police Department, US Army Military Police, and Crisis Negotiation Associations, as well as schools, private law firms, and legal agencies like the Chicago Bar. She specializes in prevention, identification, assessment, and management of risk of violence. Dr. Zarse serves as resource staff for the FBI Hostage Negotiation Certification Course and FBI Interview & Interrogation Course. She sits on the Board of Directors for the Illinois Crisis Negotiators Association. Dr. Zarse has presented at many national and international forums on Violence Risk Assessment, Terrorism, School Violence, Survival Mindset, Workplace Violence, PTSD, Dealing with Trauma, Hostage Negotiation, Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Suicide Risk Assessment, Vicarious Trauma, Stress Management, and HIV/AIDS. She was invited to teach two days on Hostage Negotiation and Survival Skills at the Prague (Czech Republic) Institute on Crime, Law, and Psychology.

Dr. Zarse has published articles on Hostage Negotiation, Israel, Police Values, Police Citizen Interactions, Occupational Stress, Political Assassinations, etc. Dr. Zarse has provided expert commentary on forensic issues in media interviews, including CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, Forbes Magazine, and the Chicago Tribune. She has been featured in documentaries, such as White Supremacy: Going Under; Kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard; and Crime on Campus.

Dr. Zarse received the 2010 and 2014 Distinguished Faculty awards for Excellence in Teaching, and the 2011 and 2015 Distinguished Faculty awards for Excellence in Public Service. She was selected as a Carnegie Scholar in both 2010 and 2011. She received The Chicago School’s Distinguished Alumni Award in 1996.

Scott Tillema

Scott Tillema

Scott Tillema is a rising thought leader in crisis and hostage negotiations. He is invited to speak at many hostage negotiation conferences across the US, and is viewed by his peers as a reference in difficult negotiations. For 7 years, Scott conducted negotiations for the largest multi-jurisdictional municipal SWAT team in the US. Currently, Scott is a Lieutenant with a Chicago area police department and has 17 years of police service. His experience and knowledge in hostage negotiations is sought after by police negotiators and universities alike.

David Burke

David Burke

Blurring the lines between chef, artist, entrepreneur and inventor, world-renowned chef David Burke is one of the leading pioneers in American cooking today. His fascination with ingredients and the art of the meal has fueled a thirty-year career marked by creativity, critical acclaim and the introduction of revolutionary products and cooking techniques.

Burke’s mastery of French culinary technique and his unique American creativity were confirmed at the age of 26, receiving Three Stars from the New York Times at the River Café. Burke was then chosen by his peers to represent the USA at The International Culinary Competition and won France’s coveted Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Diplôme d’Honneur.  The only American to ever achieve this honor.  Burke also won the Nippon Award for Excellence from the government of Japan, for overall skill and technique.

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