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The MUST Seminar

Who should attend?

Solid training is important to you and you want to build the foundation for a strong negotiation team. With the Qualified Negotiator® certification course you will acquire the most important capabilities to prepare difficult negotiations, to use the most important negotiation tactics, and to confidently manage verbal assaults. You will be prepared for the role of the Negotiator according to the FBI model.

You will learn

  • The right preparation
  • To set an agenda
  • To manage verbal assaults
  • To negotiate with a sure hand from beginning to end


Element 1 Negotiation Preparation

Element 2 Opening & Agreement

Element 3 Transfer into Practice

Qualified Negotiator®

This program is available for inhouse training. Please contact us for more information.


  • The Role of the Negotiator in the FBI Model
  • Coordination with the Commander
  • To set an agenda
  • Introducing demands
  • Defending against unreasonable demands
  • The art of summarizing
  • Always holding the reins from the "driver's seat"
  • Managing verbal assaults
  • The most important tactics


2 presence-based days

Customized In-House Training on request

Learning Model

Your Path to become a Qualified Negotiator®

The certification consists of two closly aligned classroom instruction days. The Seminar contents are taught interactively. Brief presentations, group exercises, reality-based role play, and state-of-the-art technologies ensure that you will gain much knowledge before, during, and after your Qualified Negotiator® certification. Your personal E-Learning access allows you to log into your course documentation and testing procedures whenever you need.


  • Your individual preparation
  • Participation in two classroom instruction days
  • Final exam and certification
  • Alumni membership


2.,000 EUR (plus applicable VAT) (2,000 CHF)

Included are:

  • Preparation
  • Participation in two classroom instruction days
  • E-Learning access (documentation, testing procedures)
  • Final examination, including examination fees
  • Alumni membership


  • Zurich | Vienna| Frankfurt | Munich
  • London | New York City
  • Hong Kong | Shanghai | Singapore


Kasia Jagodzinska

Prof. Dr. Kasia Jagodzinska

Prof. Dr. Kasia Jagodzinska brings a wealth of international managerial experience from the EU, US,...

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Dr. Klaus Lassert

Dr. Klaus Lassert

Dr. Klaus Lassert is the SNI’s Chief Psychologist. He supports managers in challenging negotiations...

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Andreas Gossen

Andreas Gossen

Andreas Goßen leads the global consultancy practice as Senior Vice President and is program lecturer of the Qualified...

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Xiaoqun Clever sw

Xiaoqun Clever

Xiaoqun Clever has over 20 years of experience as a technology manager. Born in China, she has held various senior management...

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Hubertus Porschen

Dr. Hubertus Porschen

Dr. Hubertus Porschen has founded several companies, and is currently a managing partner. Since 2015 he has been the chairman...

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Ming Huang

Ming Huang

Ming Huang has been working for Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs since 1993, as representative in its Office...

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Dr. Maximilian Wolf

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Wolf

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Wolf is one of the youngest university of applied sciences professors in Germany and a widely...

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Jeroen Ketting

Jeroen Ketting has been living and working in Russia since 1994 where he owns several businesses active...

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Qualified Negotiator 2019

Qualified Negotiator 2019


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