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​Controlling negotiation processes requires the collaboration of several expertises.

The experts at our institute proved their extraordinary knowledge and long experience in many negotiations. Michael Young, for instance, led the negotiations for the release of Nelson Mandela from prison. Gary Noesner was Chief Negotiator of the FBI. We count negotiators from the UN, from government agencies, trade unions, and top management among our experts.

All have the same goal: to lead our clients' negotiations to success.

Several of our speakers can be booked for your events as well. The speeches are practical, exciting and unique. They show you new points of views and provide you with useful tips for successful negotiations in the future. 

Faculty: Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Helga Hengge, Stephan Klement

Faculty: Helga Schmid, Richard Mullender, Wolfgang Ischinger

We collaborate closely with the members of our faculty and can customize our talks to your event or even link several presentations.

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