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Negotiation type

Negotiator profile

Knowledge is power – in every negotiation. The more you know about the negotiator across the table, the better. Develop a profile of your negotiating partner ahead of the negotiation.

It is crucial to know what type of negotiator you’re facing, including how they react under stress. 

Negotiator profiles – an overview


• PRA – Pragmatic

They trust in numbers, facts and logic. Usually, there are no surprises with this type.

• EMO – Emotional

They absorb information intuitively, they are good observers, but they may display illogical decision processes and decide with their guts. Expect surprises.

• JUD – Judging

This type tends to implement decisions quickly so they get things off their desks. They are fans of project management.

• PER – Perceiving

This type is prone to hesitate with implmenting a decision. 

Stress types – an overview

Under stress, most people are either fight or flight types. 

• Fight

This type will act under pressure. They start talking incessantly and stop listening. Sometimes they may get loud or aggressive or they insult people. 

• Flight

This type tends to retreat under pressure, they recline or try to offer concessions, try to postpone or to escalate to they’re off the hook and their booss will take over.

The complete prepared analyse of a negotiotation partner looks like;