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Heidi Hauer


As a Health & Life Coach Ms. Hauer helps people to achieve better health, mental strength and clarity, resilience, balance and fulfilment.

It is not about turning your whole life upside down overnight. Small and consistent changes in life habits make the decisive difference in the long run.

Through her 20 years of experience with global corporations, medium-sized companies and local agencies, Ms. Hauer has experienced the advantages and challenges of an international career up close.

She discovered her enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle at an early age. Only later, when she was confronted with health issues herself, did she become more involved with nutrition, meditation and mindfulness.

Ms. Hauer is a certified nutrition trainer of the Vitalakademie Vienna. She completed her second training in this field at the renowned Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and graduated as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in summer 2018.

Today she supports her clients with individual coaching, shares her knowledge in lectures and writes blog posts.

Born in Austria, she lived for many years in Vienna, London and Brussels. She has lived in Zurich since 2016.