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Jeroen Ketting

Jeroen Ketting has been living and working in Russia since 1994, where he owns several businesses active in industry and services.

His company Lighthouse Management has enabled over 1300 international companies to create presence, generate sales and grow their business in Russia.

For the last 25 years, Jeroen has been working with business owners and top managers of multinational companies, helping them define and implement their strategy for Russia. He has played a key-role in the establishment of 24 Russian-Western Joint Ventures.

Jeroen is frequently invited by top-management teams to share his experience, help define strategies and sharpen leadership, communication and negotiation skills.

“I like to compliment you on your entertaining story, like last years’ presentation. You have a gift in giving presentations in a communicative and entertaining way and also sharing valuable information.”
Gerard Vaandrager, Managing Director,
NRCH Netherlands Council for Trade Promotion

Negotiations with Russian Partners

Russian business operates on many unwritten rules. Jeroen Ketting guides you through the cultural, psychological, and practical particularities of communicating and negotiating with Russian business
people, in an engaging and entertaining way.