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René Borbonus

René Borbonus

René Borbonus counts among the leading specialists for professional communication. Entertaining and close to practice, he teaches the rhetoric skills that help tactically master even difficult situations.

René Borbonus: Respekt!
René Borbonus: Klarheit
René Borbonus
“The seminar sharpened my senses for words. The knowledge is conveyed in an entertaining way. The practical exercises make it easier to assimilate and to apply the techniques to all of my negotiations.”
Thomas Boltshuser, President Spühl GmbH

Rhetorics – when Every word counts

  • How to be a convincing communicator
  • Clever rhetoric to handle objections and
  • "Yes, but…"-sayers
  • Control emotions and conflicts
  • Address difficult partners respectfully
  • Rhetorical lack of respect and how to circumvent it
  • Different arguments for different types of people