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Santiago Calatrava

Dr. Santiago Calatrava

Dr. Santiago Calatrava is one of the world’s most influential architects. Currently working on building the world’s tallest tower in Dubai, the Swiss-Spanish architect is recognized for his iconic, sculptural buildings such as the World Trade Center station in New York, the Olympic Sports Complex in Athens and the University of Zurich Law School’s library.

Calatrava puts emphasis on the fact that he is not only an architect and an engineer, but also an artist. He is known for his futuristic structures and forms that are often inspired by living organisms. His design of Zurich's Stadelhofen railway station was the starting point of his international career. Calatrava’s designs suggest stylized natural objects—waves, wings, or sun-bleached skeletons, with rows of white concrete ribs curved into distorted parabolic arches.

After his PhD in Engineering from ETH Zurich, Calatrava received numerous honorary doctors from international universities, including those of Tel Aviv, Mexico City, Lima, Liège, Madrid, Atlanta, and Columbia University. In 2004, Calatrava was awarded the Gold Medal of the American Institute of Architects.

At the Negotiation Conference 2018, Dr. Calatrava will explore how a Masterplan combines art and knowledge into a monument.