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Upon your certification you become a member of our alumni network. You will have the opportunity to attend and participate in talks, forums, discussions, and special events. We are convinced that a regular exchange of experiences and the discussion of difficult negotiation cases help repeat and deepen the knowledge.

The alumni events are varied—from gala dinners to mountain climbing to discussion forums—but have one goal: Give new stimuli to make the next negotiation even more successful. We invite professionals from business, politics, or sports as our stimulators. The follow-up discussions are controversial, sometimes heated, but always exciting.

Over 20,000 executives and decision makers have now attended our seminars. Only 10 years ago, our philosophy of negotiation was perceived as odd, uncommon, and was often brought to question. Fast forward to 2018, many companies are now following our "7 Principles" to achieve negotiation excellency, and are also actively preparing to succeed in situations of deadlock. 

It is now time to bring together the vast amount of knowledge held by our experts, and the experience gained through many difficult negotiations. Together with you, we want to analyze, evaluate, and raise the strategies of negotiations to the next level.

You already know the concept of "sharing" from social media. We are bringing this concept to the field of negotiation. Sharing knowledge, sharing experiences, and developing the negotiation strategies of the future is our drive.

With our new "Negotiation Club," we are turning words into actions. Graduates of our certification program are invited to join this expert club, to learn from both other companies and other participants.

"Welcome to the Club" is the heading for 2018. Let’s share the "sharing" and learn from each other.

In 2017, we inaugurated our New York offices. In 2018, we will be coming for Hong Kong. In an ever globalized and digitalized world, we are excited to expand our reach to new horizons. 

We look forward to working with you.



Academy Day Negotiation Conference 2018

Certification Ceremony 2018

Certification Ceremony 2018

Alumni Summer Night 2018

Munich Security Conference 2017

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Save the dates

10th october 2018 | zurich

refresher seminar

10th October 2018 | Zurich

Dinner & certification Gala

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Negotiation Club

Negotiation Club