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On the importance of world-class negotiators.

May 16, 2017

According to a recent report, the deal-making activity in the United States reached a record high by the end of April. With nearly 3,100 U.S. M&A deals, it is no surprise that 2017 is already considered the “year of the deal”.

Nonetheless, besides the aforementioned business aspect of deal-making, international negotiations in the context of political agendas are also on the rise in the States; from U.S. –  China trade deals, to the nuclear deal with Iran, the tough poker with North Korea, the Mexican border wall and the $300-billion arms deal negotiation with Saudi Arabia – to  name just a few – it becomes apparent that the ability to negotiate effectively not only does it have a significant company-wide effect, but also a profound impact on a country-level.

The United States is in the spotlight for global negotiations that (will) affect the global geo-political scene and for the Schranner Negotiation Institute, there would not be a more timely manner to establish our presence in the country.

True to our commitment to improving the negotiations skills of the world, we are proud to formally announce the launch of our U.S. operations via our New York City office. Strategically located in the heart of the Financial District, we look forward to sharing our expertise on tough negotiations with you.