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N-Conference 2017 - Team select, control & motivate

Jul 13, 2017

We are looking forward to our highlight, the N-Conference 2017. We will discuss with you how to select the right team members, how to control and motivate teams in difficult negotiations.

I will open the conference by giving you insights into the knowledge we gathered in the course of our negotiation support. We found that especially the briefing is one of the biggest challenges. The briefing in two directions:

  1. The negotiation team is often closer to the opposing party than to their own Decision Maker and “interprets” the instructions.

  2. The reporting to the Decision Maker then becomes just as dangerous; they communicate what the Decision Maker would like to hear, and not what is truly important.

David Petraeus - How to lead a team

Our keynote speaker will be General David Petraeus. His experience in selecting and controlling teams is unique. He was commander of the U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, which led him to develop a new defense concept. As the CIA Director, he was responsible for critical decisions in sensitive cases. Read the  Interview here.

Reinhard Haller is a forensic psychiatrist and profiler. He recognizes personality structures and personality disorders. When putting together a team, it is important to recognize narcissists and impostors in a timely fashion.

Ralf Rangnick has proven several times that he knows how to recognize talent and form a team. He talks about the observation during practice, the right conversation pattern, and the right selection criteria.

Turan Sahin leads more than 4,000 employees in a global context. His teams operate in different cultures and time zones. He talks about his experience and gives practical tips on how to control and motivate a team.

With Jens Weidner we have worked since we founded our institute. The expert for positive aggression will show methods that help push oneself and the team to achieve even great objectives.

Once again we will have lectures, discussions and workshops as well as the legendary dinner in the Kronenhalle.

More information about speakers & agenda here

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