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"Negotiations on the Edge - The 7 Principles" Coming to NYC

Aug 28, 2017

Dear leaders and decision makers,

Dealing with difficult negotiations is not something that comes naturally. It takes knowledge and training. Have you ever wondered how to prepare for a tough negotiation? How to deliberately create a deadlock? How to gain and maintain power in a negotiation? Our CEO, ex-hostage negotiator and international expert Matthias Schranner, developed these strategies through years of leading police negotiation task forces. He now supports the UN, global corporations, and government leaders of many nations through high profile negotiations. 

We are excited to inform you that we still have a few seats available for the first part of our Advanced Negotiator Certification “Negotiations on the Edge Element 1 – The 7 Principles”, given by Matthias Schranner in New York from November 9th 9am to November 10th 4pm. Seating is limited; Sign Up soon!

Who Should Attend

Leaders and managers involved in high-stake negotiations.

What You Will Learn

  1. How to develop a winning strategy
  2. How to gain and maintain control of a negotiation
  3. How to create deadlocks and use them to your advantage
  4. How to analyze the negotiation partner's weaknesses
  5. How to use appearances to get the results you need
  6. How to lead your negotiation team to a win using FBI models

We don't believe in the antiquated concept of a win-win situation. Coming out on top means getting the agreement you want, while giving your partner the appearance they need. We know that you can handle 95% of the negotiations with which you are faced. We help you lead the remaining 5% to success; when logic is not enough.

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About Advanced Negotiator

The Advanced Negotiator® certification course gives you the ability to control difficult negotiation processes, to deliberately create deadlocks, and to lead strategically and tactically difficult negotiations. This program is intended for experienced leaders and managers tasked with leading high-stake negotiations. You will be trained to be the Commander and Decision Maker based on the FBI model.

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Meet our Newest Addition

Many of our top clients are located in the US. Until now, our team based in our international offices in Zürich, Switzerland, has been aiming at providing them with our signature trainings and counseling for high-stake, difficult negotiations. In order to accommodate an ever growing demand, we've added a new Director of US Operations, Alexandre Meldem. Alexandre will be there to assist our current and future clients on the American continent.

Feel free to connect with him for a chat or contact him with any inquiries by Email or on LinkedIn.

Alexandre Meldem


Come See Us in NYC

We are proud of our business in the US, and excited to see it grow. Our new offices at 222 Broadway are conveniently located in the Financial District; the heart of Downtown New York. We are only a few steps away from some of NYC's most iconic locations such as One World Trade Center, the New York Stock Exchange, and Wall Street.