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Stop the Negotiations with Turkey? NO!

Sep 10, 2017

There is agreement among Germany’s top politicians at this time: The accession negotiations to the European Union with Turkey must be stopped.

Turkey has moved too far away from European values, the behavior of the Turkish government is unacceptable, and a common future with Turkey is hard to imagine anyway, so they say.

This sounds good and may be well received by some voters.The problem, however, is not stopping the negotiation but the period after the break-off.

The discontinuation of a negotiation leads to high emotions. There will be reproaches, insults and, of course, finger-pointing.

After such a break-off, there are 3 problems:

  • Information is no longer exchanged There is an informal and insurmountable information ban.

  • It becomes extremely difficult, if not entirely impossible, to return to the negotiation table.

  • There are always winners when a negotiation is broken off, and they will use this break-off to their own advantage.

Negotiation tip:

  • You must not stop the negotiation when problems arise

  • If there is a chance that you may need your opponent again at some point, breaking off is not an option

  • Different values are no reason for a break-off, they rather form the entry into a respectful negotiation

  • Discontinuing a negotiation seems easy, but the period after will be all the more difficult

  • Stay at the negotiation table, especially when things get tough!

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