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Straight from the N-Conference

Oct 07, 2017

Schranner Negotiation Institute|N-Conference

A Look Inside of the N-Conference

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Matthias Schranner at the N-Conference


  • Power is always subjective -Matthias Schranner

  • The best way to identify narcissists is laughter. A narcissist cannot laugh -Prof. Reinhard Haller

  • Do not look into your cards, just play -Kilian Kleinschmidt

  • Working under pressure means being close to your team members -Antonio Perdicchia

  • Foster and promote a culture of learning within your organization -David Petraeus

N-Conference Ferrari
Want Some More Insight into the N-Conference?

Watch interviews of our expertshere, and find all of their key statementshere.

If you Missed us This Year, Save the Date:

11th and 12th of October 2018 in Zürich

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I DO IT MY WAY | Negotiations for Women

You negotiate every day with employees, colleagues, customers and bosses. We know that you can lead 95% of these negotiations to success. Our focus is on the remaining 5%; when logic is not enough. This workshop is designed for women who need to lead difficult, high stake negotiations.

We recognize that women need their own strategies to succeed in negotiations. We created "I Do It My Way" as a place for women to learn and share negotiation strategies and tactics.

Negotiation and communication techniques in a professional environment - particularly with regard to cooperation in mixed teams – are crucial for leaders. Through lectures, discussions and lots of practical exercises, you will get the most important tactics for any difficult negotiation, all in one day.


I DO IT MY WAY - Annett Fleischer
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