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Trump´s First Big Mistake

May 09, 2018

Until now, President Trump’s negotiation strategy was somewhat predictable. He would first take something away from his opponent, or at least threaten to do so, and he would then negotiate from that position to obtain something. He did this with Germany, for example, when he threatened Chancellor Merkel with punitive tariffs in order to get them to increase their investment in defense.

Whether you like his strategy or not, it is understandable from a negotiation perspective. Trump pursues short-term goals with "America first" and is thus - in the short term - successful.

The exit from the Nuclear Deal with Iran is his first big mistake. It is the first negotiation where he takes something away without offering a chance to renegotiate; there will be no new negotiation or agreement with Iran.

A state without an agreement or at least ongoing negotiations for an agreement leads to a power struggle, which can become uncontrollable.


Negotiation tip:

  • If you drop out of a negotiation, you lose control of the rest of the process.

  • Stay in the negotiation phase for as long as possible.

  • Even if you do not reach an agreement, keep negotiating and stay in the process.


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