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On a scale from 0 to 10: How assertive are you?

Jun 07, 2018

0 means that it is always easy to make you abandon your strategy and that you`d rather avoid conflict. 10 means that you always prevail, no matter who or what tries to block you. Well, it depends, you might say. If it`s important to you, then you are willing to fight the fight.

I do not believe you.

Based on my experience, I must tell you that you will cave in, especially in important negotiations. Because when it gets important, your emotions rise to the surface and cause you to react emotionally.

How to strengthen your assertiveness is the central topic of your “Negotiation Summer Camp”. You and your children will learn from an actress how you can strengthen this drive to prevail through mental and physical attitude.

Negotiation tip:

  • Only those who know how to negotiate with emotional distance—not without emotion—will be able to negotiate strategically and tactically.
  • Role-playing with yourself will create that necessary distance—you assume the role of the professional negotiator.
  • For a professional, the negotiation is a task in need of execution. For this task, they play a role.
  • A professional negotiates with a certain lightness—not recklessness—and enjoys the role he or she can assume.

Summer Camp—Family negotiations

You and your children will learn the negotiation role-play.
01 – 03 August 2018 in St. Moritz
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