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FC Bayern excluded from Bundesliga!

Jun 26, 2018

FC Bayern excluded from Bundesliga!


It would be so much easier for the other clubs if FC Bayern were no longer part of the league.

Many politicians demand that the United States be excluded from the G7 Summit. It would be so much easier for the other countries if U.S. President Trump were not part of it.

Russia has been excluded from what was then the G8, and now the United States should follow suit. The Italians, with their new government, are also acting strangely, the UK should also no longer be part of it after the Brexit, it would be so much simpler.

Exclusion is easy, negotiating is hard. This is why many politicians return to the easy way. It would be important to face the conflicts and to look for true solutions.

Last week, I followed Anders F. Rasmussen’s invitation to attend the “Democracy Summit” in Copenhagen, where I had the opportunity to discuss with public figures such as Joe Biden and Tony Blair.

Tony Blair had the best tip: Instead of getting angry at Trump, one should use the time and figure out why Trump was elected. Only if we understand the voters’ motives can we find real solutions.

The summit’s highlights can be found here.


Negotiation tip:

  • A separation is easy, solving a conflict is hard.
  • A separation leads to losing face, with consequences for the future.
  • Do not walk away unless you have tried everything—and I mean, everything—to solve the conflict.
  • The goal in conflicts is to find a solution, not to convince the opposing party that your position is right.
  • You need a plan to avoid going emotional which would lead to mistakes.
  • Additional information on how to create a master plan can be found here.


Merkel’s options – read the interview with ZDF heute (German) “negotiation expert: it is too late for lame compromises”. Click here (German).