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Female Negotiators Show the World Their Strength

Nov 06, 2018

For the fifth year in a row, the “I DO IT MY WAY” workshop for women in hosted hundreds of female executives in Munich, Vienna, and Zürich with resounding success. The event was a major annual highlight with many new insights and experiences shared by world-class guests.

The “I DO IT MY WAY” workshops were designed with the intention to inspire and empower women to negotiate with skill and confidence. And while as an Institute, we we believe that there is no difference between men and women at the negotiation table when it comes to high stakes dealmaking, we know that there can be a significant difference in the mindset.

A brief summary: When a man thinks about negotiations, he looks forward to conflict and expects to compete, and to fight.

When a woman thinks about negotiations, she thinks about finding a solution.

Program participants shared their own insights about the topic, agreeing they often enter a negotiation actively seeking a solution. The Schranner Methodology sees this as a big mistake, and stresses that a negotiation is a power struggle where one should wait before offering a solution. The solution comes at the end of the negotiation, not at the beginning.

Negotiation tips:

  • When you are approaching a negotiation, one should adopt the mindset of “showing strength” but not aggression or emotion.
  • Many times, negotiations are dreaded, but a better approach is to look forward to the negotiation knowing that you are fully and professionally trained.
  • You accept the power struggle, you hedge and you look for a solution with the negotiation partner.
  • It is important to remember a solution comes at the end of the negotiation, but not a minute earlier.
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