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How Resilient Are You?

Feb 01, 2019

How Resilient Are You?

Difficult negotiations require maximum resilience. Over the years, we have found that almost all managers and executives overestimate their abilities in this respect.

ts only when you know yourself well that you are able to play on your strengths in a negotiation. So how exactly can you learn more about your own reactions under maximum stress level? Evidence shows you need to experience this level of stress in order to analyse how you react. At our Winter Camp in St. Moritz, Switzerland, participants will speed down the Olympic bobsleigh run at over 140km/h. This is exceptional stress even for the experienced. Specialists will measure individuals' physical reactions – and surprises are guaranteed!

My negotiating tip

  • Forewarned is forearmed

  • The only true test of your reaction to stress is in a real-life situation

  • Analysis of test results and personalized coaching will show you how best to use your strengths

  • If you don’t know yourself well, you are easy prey for tough negotiating partners

Learn how to become more resilient at our Winter Camp. In addition, our training on Aggressiveness will give you the tools to become more confident and ambitious in negotiations.