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Press release - Cooperation between Kerkhoff Negotiations and negotiation expert Matthias Schranner

Feb 08, 2019

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Press release

Cooperation between Kerkhoff Negotiations and negotiation expert Matthias Schranner

Dusseldorf / Zurich, 6th February 2019 - Kerkhoff Negotiations and Schranner AG are entering an exclusive partnership. The focus of their cooperation will be to develop solutions for complex, high-volume procurement negotiations. In particular, companies operating in difficult and highly competitive markets will benefit from these solutions.

Part of the Kerkhoff Group, Kerkhoff Negotiations positions itself with a strong specialization in negotiations based on the application of game theory. Its core competence is to develop systemic negotiating methods, and to generate a sustained competitive advantages for their customers.

Matthias Schranner was trained by police and the FBI for the most difficult of negotiations and in his early career, negotiated with hostage-takers and kidnappers. Now a successful businessman, he has built the Schranner AG to advise global companies and political parties in difficult negotiations. He is considered one of the foremost negotiating experts.

Together, Kerkhoff and Schranner AG will develop strategic solutions based on systemic procedures that will allow clean negotiations in line with compliance procedures. These solutions will not focus on resolving conflict situations by classic approaches such as the Harvard concept. Rather, they will focus on de-emotionalizing negotiation processes by employing trained, professional negotiation teams.

"Especially in highly competitive markets, it is crucial to move away from a purely situational approach to negotiations. The top game will be sit at the negotiating table while having someone in the team who leads strategically and keeps an eye on the meta-level. Strategy, rather than intuition, is the keyword here." Gerd Kerkhoff, Chairman of the board Kerkhoff Group

"Due to the increasing transparency in global markets, new negotiating strategies are required. However, humans remain at the center of negotiations - they influence the success or failure of any negotiation. A decisive factor for success is to ensure that negotiations are always conducted within the confines of a pre-agreed strategy." Matthias Schranner, CEO Schranner Negotiation Institute.    


About Kerkhoff Negotiations:

The Kerkhoff Negotiations GmbH is a highly specialized consultancy for game theory and negotiations. As part of the Kerkhoff Group, the Kerkhoff Negotiation GmbH is experienced in the fields of procurement and optimization, and it offers methodical approaches and state-of-the-art negotiation techniques for complex negotiation.


About Schranner AG:
Schranner AG is the world-leading consulting company in supporting difficult negotiations. The institute trains managers as professional negotiators and implements new negotiation strategies within businesses and organizations.



Gerd Kerkhoff,

Chairman of the board Kerkhoff Group


Matthias Schranner,

CEO Schranner AG


Press contact:

Andrea Krsnik

+49 162 44 80 101