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The New Negotiation with Chinese Partners

May 24, 2019

On the 23rd of May the Schranner Negotiation Institute welcomed more than 70 members of our alumni community to discuss «New Negotiation with Chinese Partners» at Park Hyatt in Zurich.

During a interactive panel discussion, our CEO Matthias Schranner, inquired interesting questions to our guests Ming HuangChristoph Leichert, and Zhang Xi, on the importance of negotiating with Chinese partners. Topics such as, the sense of a signtature in China, the interculture competence, as well as the difference between European negotiation and Chinese negotiation lead the exchange to some important knowledge.

 3 major key lessons that we can take with us:

  1. When negotiating with Chinese partners, you have to enjoy the whole process, because that is what makes it so compelling. A signature on a contract is only a start of a negotiation.
  2. After joining our seminar in Shanghai, Chinese partners observed that having the method of Schranner and plus the interculture competence, will bring the negotiation to a successful compromise.
  3. Chinese partners are very well prepared for a negotiation, that is why they take joy in lengthening the process.

Ming Huang Christoph Leicher

We want to thank our alumnis for the great and collective discussion, as well as the speakers for introducing us to the world of negotiation with Chinese partners.

Read the interview with Matthias Schranner and the CEIBS here (Chinese here). Please find all impressions here.

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