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Insight: Out of the Box Sales

Jul 08, 2019

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By Farrah Khan


Sales people normally represent a large portion of the company’s revenue stream. Not only are they selling products or services, they are also considered the face of the company in everyday interactions. Organizations are always looking to improve their sales and their sales process. These days the sales process has become very complex. Customers at times, know more about the company than the salesperson know about the client.


It is imperative to make sure that each sales representative is trained to overcome the unknown during the sales process, since the purchase experience will affect the sale and the reputation of the company. Finding the correct balance between the right sales pitch and relationship building is important.


There are different approaches to a successful sales deal but the most successful of them all, is being able to think outside the box and challenge the customer. According to a Gartner study, a Challenger Salesperson out-performs all other sales representative by about 50%. They usually tailor their approach to the customer and highlight the gaps within the customer’s operation. They also take control and provide a solution for the customer that may make them money, save them money or reduce risk on their part.


This approach is not only successful in sales but also in the negotiation part of the deal. Coming up with strategies and tactics to compliment your negotiation partners will need to be considered so that the results are successful and in your favor. Understanding the body language and the agenda of your negotiating partners will address any limitations within the process.


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