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US Gives Warning for Nuclear Deal

Jul 08, 2019


President Trump, signing official documents.


By Farrah Khan


On Wednesday, President Trump warned Iranian officials against putting up uranium enrichment efforts considering the Iranian nuclear program. Iran stated that they would restart the construction on the Arak reactor if Europe does not abide by the deadline of July 7th to offer its economic guarantees. This crisis has been escalating since the 2015 accord which President Trump quit in 2018.


President Hassan Rouhani commented, “If you don’t meet all your commitments according to the timetable and plans, the Islamic Republic will restore the Arak reactor to its previous condition,” to a news agency. Iran had begun pouring in concrete into the heavy water reactor to begin modernizing the production of plutonium. This would be an easy track to then create nuclear weapons. President Trump fires back on Twitter with, “Be careful with the threats, Iran. They can come back to bite you like nobody has been bitten before!”


Trump is open to negotiating a new deal with Iran but it would mostly restrict Iran’s missile program and support armed proxies around the area. Iran retaliates with not being to negotiate while their country are suffering economically by targeted US sanctions. Iran will only come to the table if only it’s Supreme Leader agrees to the negotiation terms.


Handling a difficult negotiation partner is never easy, especially when there are high risks involved. Not only does Iran carry the risk, but the risk of war due to not being able to come to an agreement when all demands are shown. Understanding your negotiation partner is key to dealing with difficult negotiations.


Read the full article on Bloomberg here.


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