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Ireland Rejects EU-Mercosur Deal

Jul 12, 2019

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By Farrah Khan


Ireland’s MPs shut down the EU-Mercosur trade deal. Mercosur consists of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. After 20 years of negotiating the trade of South American goods, the deal was highly protested by the Irish citizens. Much of the backlash came from Irish farmers who were worried about competition between their local produce and the South American cheap products. The Irish want complete rejection by stating to Dublin the following, "immediately begin building a coalition across the EU to ensure that this deal is rejected.”

The deal has not been ratified yet and will not be until the next 1-2 years. However, the non-binding votes will still need the backing of all the EU governments within the agreement. Not only does the deal highlight fears of competition in Ireland, the EU expressed environmental damage to the Amazon rainforest since they are moving into becoming leaders in climate change. Another concern for the EU is the displacement of the indigenous communities and community leaders who resist the deal as well.

Negotiations should be done with a goal in mind. Given the challenges both the EU and the Mercosur are facing right now shows that the demands have changed since it first started. Demands will need to be placed and revised accordingly to both parties and the environment of the deal. Extending the time of the deal may change the demands and will change the scope of the original ask.


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