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Jul 19, 2019




By Zarifa Huq


The United Auto Workers (UAW) union is facing its most difficult negotiation yet against General Motors, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler, also known as “The Big Three.” Union leaders will be negotiating set wages and benefits among other factors for its 158,000 members. The outcome of this deal will determine the automaker’s investment plans for the future.

With the September deadline looming both parties are expecting tough negotiations dealing with past plant closures and potential strikes on the horizon. UAW President Gary Jones commented that despite the automakers record profits, “[they have] been watching a race to the bottom over the past several years for working men and women.” The union and the Big Three have to stand strong on their demands and determine which ones are non-negotiable and which ones they are willing to concede and in exchange for what.

It’s important that a deal does get made because the consequences are quite dire. The auto industry, as we saw in the last crisis when it required a bailout, impacts industries beyond just automotive. It impacts housing, infrastructure and transportation. Each party has the strength to back up any threats so it will be crucial that they tread delicately around the situation so that a deal may be reached before the deadline. 

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