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Qualified Negotiator First Time in Chinese

Aug 31, 2019

We were honoured to have welcomed cross-industrial participants to our Qualified Negotiator seminar in Shanghai. It was a special event for us, as it was for the very first time delivered in Chinese.

As our Founder Matthias Schranner says, Chinese people are good negotiators by nature due to their culture. There are some similar elements between the Chinese negotiation style and our Schranner methodology. At the seminar, we helped the participants recognize the good practice that Chinese people have been doing in negotiations. We also taught them a different approach and mindset, as well as other important negotiation tactics which will help them become even more successful in their careers. We were happy to see during this 2-day training, participants were able to learn and share experiences coming from different industries and perspectives.

The most successful event isn’t the one where you deliver all your content to the participants, but the one where you meet great people who are willing to learn, share, discuss and improve together. Thanks to our amazing participants, we were lucky enough to have that exact type of event.

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