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Mar 19, 2020

Pandemic Negotiation

In 2020 the emergence the covid-19 corona virus has impacted global trade, markets, supply chain and even sporting events. The pandemic has triggered the world´s largest social experiment as unprecedented numbers of people work from home.  

In light of this situation, many pundits and experts have been saying that “virtual is the new norm”. This is confusing, because virtual has been “the norm” for over a decade now, so it is neither new, nor abnormal, and those having to embrace it at this stage are those we would categorize as the “late majority” or the “laggards” in change management.


Here are some tips from our very own Dr. Zabeen Mirza, for navigating negotiations, and perhaps business in general, in the virtual world that bear reminding:

  • Test your technology. Make sure that you not only know how to use it, but that it is accessible to all parties involved. There is nothing more frustrating than finally getting on a conference call after 20 minutes of trial and effort and emails back and forth.
  • Technology has tiers of communication – email, phone, video conferencing. When possible always engage via video, at least in the beginning, and then support with phone calls. This allows for them to see you, understand your mannerisms, tone of voice, to “put a face” to the name and humanizes your interactions.
  • Never negotiate over email. The internet never forgets, and once any information or commitments goes out, it is set in stone. You have no control over who sees it, where it goes, or how it is interpreted. Always push for a phone call or video conference to answer any questions, discuss any demands.

Remember that tactics, strategies, preparation, and the process remain the same when you are negotiating with your counterpart – whether it is over the phone, over Skype, or across the table. Do not abandon your discipline, your team, or your strategy.


At the Schranner Negotiation Institute, we encourage innovation, digital dexterity and thrive in challenging times. Adaptability is the key to survival and we are going to offer Virtual Programs, our faculty will host you and your team in our virtual negotiation seminars on Microsoft Teams.


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