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Negotiating in the Era of the Coronavirus Crisis

Mar 28, 2020

Now more than ever we must be paying careful attention to the negotiations we’re in and taking steps to protect our business -- not only now, but for the future as well. Right off the bat, when you see a crisis looming, there are a few things you should be doing:

  • Call your investor(s)
  • Call your customers
  • And get a better deal
In these uncertain times, startups and investors find themselves in another unprecedented situation: they are all in the same boat. Survival has become the name of the game, and now more than ever, a partnership is key to joint success. "You have to be the first to call investors and tell them you want to negotiate because YOU want to find a solution for the future." - Matthias Schranner

In a newBits & Prezel’s podcast episode, Global CEO Matthias Schrannerwill explain the why’s and how’s of doing your best, and most competitive negotiations now. “Leave your poker face at home”, he says, “now is not the time.”

To learn more about negotiating during a crisis and how you can support your own business sustainability during a global pandemic, listen to Matthias’s podcast here.

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The Schranner Team