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Chief Negotiation Officer®



Many companies have trained negotiators but lack a master plan. However, without clear corporate negotiating guidelines and active preparation for total escalation, even well-equipped companies keep losing money.

A corporate negotiation strategy will guide your negotiators and lay down the details for preparation, strategy and handling escalation. Success will become more predictable.

Our Chief Negotiation Officer program trains your best people to implement your corporate negotiation strategy, and to act as inhouse advisors as well as trainers for future negotiators. 


  1. EFFICIENCY: one single inhouse authority covers all negotiation advice.
  2. CONSISTENCY: a comparable, company-wide/department-wide approach.
  3. CONTINUITY: expert inhouse support for active negotiations.
  4. INDEPENDENCE: train your own negotiating teams.
  5. MAINTAIN THE EDGE: constant support through our institute.
  6. PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT: CNOs accumulate your expertise and teach the next generation.
  7. LONG-TERM SUCCESS: the CNO build negotiation success into your company's DNA.


CNOs have three tasks within an organisation:

  1. Developing and implementing the corporate negotiation strategy, i.e. guidelines for preparation, team setup, stakeholder involvement and escalation.
  2. Inhouse advisory for colleagues in active negotiations - preparation, tactical and strategic advice.
  3. Providing inhouse training for future negotiators using the Schranner Method®.

Implementing A STRATEGIC APPROACH in 3 steps: 

  1. Train your inhouse expert advisors as CNOs.
  2. CNOs implement a company-wide corporate negotiation strategy.
  3. Set up a dedicated “Negotiation Office“ or a "Centre of Negotiation Competence" to deliver inhouse advice and negotiation workshops.

By entering a support agreement with the Schranner Institute, you will obtain updated content and support for the implementation of your corporate strategy and  Negotiation Office or Centre of Competence. Please contact us for details.


CNOs need strong negotiation skills and a track record of successful negotiations. They need excellent internal standing, great people skills, must be strategic thinkers and have extensive knowledge of the company' structures and processes.
CNOs are intimately familiar with the Schranner Method - the Advanced Negotiator certification is a prerequisite for attending the CNO training.

what DOES THE TRAINING include?

Three Days of Negotiation Excellence:

  • Development of negotiation strategy and negotiation playbook.
  • Implementing your corporate negotiation strategy.
  • Train the Trainer and Practice Day.

Detailed information can be found in our Advanced Negotiator and Chief Negotiation Officer brochures. 


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EUR 12,000 (plus applicable value added tax) (12,000 CHF)

License fee on request.