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Certification Programs

Your MUST Seminar to enter the world of negotiations. You will acquire the most important skills to prepare for difficult negotiations and learn to use the most important negotiation tactics.

Duration: 2 presence-based days

Your path to becoming a professional negotiator at management level. Learn in three successive modules to lead difficult negotiations strategically and tactically.

Duration: 3 × 2 presence-based days

Choose from a variety of specialist modules offered by international experts, such as how to read and use body language or how to negotiate in different cultures. 

Duration: 4 presence-based days

Most companies lack a masterplan that guides all external negotiations, and they are unprepared for complete escalation in negotiations.

This program is designed for negotiation experts that have been selected to drive their company`s negotiation performance across the whole organization.  Implementing a company-wide negotiation strategy is key to achieve consistent success in every single negotiation.

Duration: 3 presence-based days

In collaboration with the St. Gallen University we offer a course that covers all aspects of negotiations, from mediation and arbitration to tough conflicts, while focusing on the challenges in global negotiations.

Only available in German

Duration: 23 presence-based days

SNI Certificate
SNI Certificates