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The Entry: Qualified Negotiator®

Who should attend?

Solid training is important to you; you want to be the foundation of a strong negotiation team. With the Qualified Negotiator® certification course, you will acquire the basic skills to prepare for difficult negotiations, to use the most important negotiation tactics, and to confidently manage verbal assaults. You will learn how to proceed correctly in negotiations with senior and seemingly more powerful partners. You will be prepared for the role of the Negotiator according to the FBI model.

You will learn

  • How to prepare for a difficult negotiation

  • How to set an agenda

  • How to manage verbal assaults

  • How to negotiate confidently


You will learn the most important negotiation tactics, as well as the ability to negotiate professionally. You will acquire the skills to move up in your career successfully and consistently.


Element 1 Negotiation Prepatation

Element 2 Opening & Agreement

Element 3 Transfer into practice

Qualified Negotiator®

This program is available for inhouse training. Please contact us for more information.


  • The Role of the Negotiator in the FBI Model

  • Coordination with the Commander

  • Setting an Agenda

  • Introducing Your Demands

  • Defending Yourself Against Unreasonable Demands

  • The Art of Summarizing

  • Leading from the “Driver’s Seat”

  • Managing Verbal Assault

  • The Most Important Negotiation Tactics


2 presence-based days Customized Inhouse Training on request

Learning Model

your path to Qualified Negotiator®

The certification consists of two course modules, one in-person and one online, which build upon each other. After the in-person phase, we grant you access to our portal to build and continually develop your individual negotiation guidelines. This profile serves as your long-term development guideline for difficult negotiations. This guideline provides you with a solid starting point to reach your learning goals. The seminar modules are taught interactively. Brief presentations, group exercises, and state-of-the-art learning technology ensure that you will gain much knowledge before, during, and after your Qualified Negotiator® certification.


  • Individual preparation (Negotiation Skill Profile Test)
  • Participation in seminar modules (classroom phase)
  • Final exam
  • ​Certification
  • Membership in the alumni network


2,000 Euro (plus applicable VAT) (2,000 CHF)


  • Preparation
  • 2 classroom instruction days
  • Final examination, including examination fees


Dr. Katarzyna Jagodzinska

Dr. Kasia Jagodzinska

Dr. Kasia Jagodzinska brings a wealth of international managerial experience from the EU, US, and the Middle East, which...

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Andreas Gossen

Andreas Gossen

Andreas Goßen, COO of the Schranner Negotiation Institute, has studied business administration...

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Dr. Klaus Lassert

Klaus Lassert

Dr. Klaus Lassert has a master’s degree in psychology and serves as a leadership consultant in difficult negotiations....

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Dates and Registration

Qualified Negotiator 2018

Qualified Negotiator 2018



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